Where to stay in Peniche?


Hey guys!

So, you definitely don’t want to stay far away from the beach in the middle of nowhere just because its cheaper or the house is really nice! You will be missing so much!

What do you have to do there in Peniche, Ferrel, Atouguia, Consolacao? You have to get a ride to Baleal everyday anyways! There’s nothing to do in these areas…imagine you are alone in that house and far away from everyone else. The place to be is in Baleal, not in Peniche, or in the next little town. I don’t know if you realize but Peniche is a fisherman’s village and a big fishing port in Portugal! Baleal is the place to be because its a surfer’s village full of vacation homes from Portuguese that only come for Summer a few weeks. Here is where you have the best surfing conditions and night life! If you are a very good surfer for sure you wanna go surf Supertubos but this break only works a few times per month; so its better to just get a ride there when its firing!

When you are in Baleal, you can just walk anywhere and get anything you need, from cafes, restaurants, supermarket, ATM’s, surf shops, etc. You can enjoy the beautiful views of our Baleal Island or walk to it because it has man maid walking path too.

Our sunsets are amazing and just full of colors almost everyday. As a photographer i even stopped shooting the sunsets because they are always sick, but i don’t stop appreciating them everyday even if its from my surf house. I usually recommend to my guests to grab a drink and walk to the island for the sunset.

Enjoy your stay with us!

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