Surf / SUP Coaching

Vila Nova de Milfontes
and Lisbon

When surfing in Milfontes we have a new Surf/SUP training center where we
will share our knowledge, since we’ve been surfing for 30y and have been
national champions in our own categories.

Our surf training in Vila Nova de Milfontes is for experienced surfers that
need a little hand to get back on track, like correcting a bad habit and/or see
if they are doing the right thing! 

During our surf training in Milfontes we will photograph/video you and to
give you an update on your surfing, you can also take the photos back home with

When with surf training Milfontes you will be accompanied by our FPS trainer
and SUPwave 3x national champion Diogo Queimada and Carla Tomé prof. surf
photographer, national surf champion; will follow if needed.

Beginner lessons in Milfontes are also provided but our groups have a maximum of four surfers.

With our small surf groups you will develop greater skills faster because you get more attention and our instructor Ivo Carmo will give you some of his local knowledge and insights.  

Ask us about our teaching surfing method! Our surf training Milfontes will prepare you to enhance on your own!

During a surf lesson in Milfontes, or a surf guiding Milfontes you can always count on us to film you and help you improve. Carla Tomé and Diogo Queimada will try to make you a better surfer and make you understand our world with surfing photos Milfontes and video material

Come surf with us!

Surfing is our life and our passion, twenty eight years in the water, competing and working with the best.

Our service offer

We will help you better your surf and correct bad habits that we gain with time. Our countless hours in the surf, our many surf trips all over the country and the World, give us the know how to help improve faster, because we always need someone to help us and surfing is a never ending learning sport:

Our mission as a surf trainer?

Make you a better surfer!

We can coach surfer’s that aren’t lodged with us.

Ask us!

We make a measure pack just for you!

Since we at Surfmoments aren’t that big and don’t work with masses, we can make special training pack’s accordingly to your needs. Maybe your going to pay a bit more but you can’t get quality with quantity and our knowledge wasn’t acquired in one surfing course of a week. All these little/big things make a difference while explaining to you how to be a better surfer.