Sup Moments

Vila Nova de Milfontes
and Lisbon

Stand Up Paddle Milfontes, is an old way of surfing with a paddle to direct our way on the wave and while it helps up to stand up on the board.

Stand Up Paddle in Portugal it’s great for because we have rivers, lagoons, dam’s and a long coast line full of waves; and it’s a sport for all ages.

With Stand Up Paddle Milfontes you work out your arms, legs, core and balance; it’s a different way to work out in a healthy and fun way in balance with Nature.

Our SUP school Milfontes provides to all a unique experience in some amazing beaches and surf spots not yet explored by Stan Up Paddlers. Diogo Queimada our trainer is the 2x SUP waves national champion and surf trainer certified by Portuguese Surf Federation since 2006.

With SUPMoments you can explore the surf and also go to flat water paddling in our River Mira with Sup Alentejo.

SUP Lessons Milfontes

During Stand Up Paddle Milfontes lessons we will start with teaching you how to paddle with confidence and feeling secure standing up on a paddle board. We will start with flat water supping and go thru the following steps.

For those that want a bit more then flat water supping, the second level will teach you how to catch and surf waves

These SUP surfing lessons in Milfontes will be tough in small surf and with almost no wind, so we will have to wait for the right conditions or search for the right surfing spot.

Stand Up Paddle wave lessons in Milfontes are hard to manage because of the surf conditions but since Diogo Queimada is our teacher and a local knowledge is very important, we can always find a spot where we can teach but at the right time of the tide.

In our Stand Up Paddle lessons Milfontes we will take the following steps:

Stand Up Paddle Tours Milfontes

We can organize with you a personalized paddle tour in Rio Mira, Diogo Queimada knows the river very well and as been travelling by Paddle or boat for many years, fishing is also sometimes more then a hobby and our river Mira is the less polluted of Europe, no industries around him. Clear water full of fish and marine life is what you will be able to enjoy during our paddle tour at Rio Mira with SUP Alentejo. 

Paddle Rentals Milfontes

We also have SUP rentals in Milfontes at Praia da Franquia, for those that also have experience and know how to paddle, or you you that never tried we give you a quick lesson before heading out at the rite time of the tide. If you can’t do this on your own, we suggest you have a lesson and then our trainer will take you to the right place at the right time.
Stand Up Paddle rentals Milfontes is located in front of hotel HS but please call in advance to book . Stand Up Paddle lessons in Milfontes are also booked in advance so that our main trainer/teacher is available.

Hope to have you here with us soon!