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Peniche and Baleal by bike?

It’s a lovely ride on those beautiful sunny days or when the surf isn’t that good and you decide to go around and find that special place!

Most of the way it’s pretty flat but you will encounter a hill. And take your camera with you so you can take some breathtaking photos of Baleal and the North coast line, Papoa and of Cabo Carvoeiro witch is the most Western tip of Europe. Look out for that Varanda de Pilates and for those rocks that may seem like something else.

To go from Baleal to/and around the Peninsula of Peniche it’s around 1h ride and 12km. Take water with you because i don’t think the Mayor’s office as heard me enough and decided to add some water fountains around the trail.

Also watch out for crazy driver’s because the street marks for bikers are worn out and they don’t really see us.

If you wanna go further check out Consolacao and also you can make a bit off road if you decide to explore the North coast.


what to do

What to visit when in Peniche, Baleal

There’s lots of things to do besides surfing in Baleal or Peniche!

Go walk in Baleal Island, there’s only 2 places in the world with that type of stone formation, theres a sick sunsets behind Berlengas Islands and the best view is from the island. Just grab a drink and get out there.

You should grab a bike and go around the Peninsula of Peniche and appreciate the amazing landscape, go to the Cape Carvoeiro and enjoy the sunset behind Berlengas Islands. Also when you are close to the city center you can see our South Coast like Supertubos beach, Consolacao and Areia Branca beach.

When in Peniche, you should go around the small streets in the center of town, go to the marina and see the fishing boats going out to work. Also check the museum inside the fortress that used to be a political prison in the days when Portugal was a dictatorship.

If you wanna skateboard around Peniche, you have a really small skate park close to Peniche’s gate. But the best skate park around Peniche is in Lourinha, 10min drive from Baleal. This skate park has a nice bowl. Or just grab your surf skate, carver or longboard and go around the Bay to Peniche and back.

Berglengas Islands, here you can go some diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, bird watching and fishing. Berlengas Islands are a nice thing to do if you have no surf, take a rest or go do something with your girl or family. Its a day trip where you have to book the ferry or rent a private trip at the marina. On another post ill explain you how to get there.

If you rent a private boat probably you can take more of your trip because you can go see other islands behind Berlengas Islands, witch i think that they are more beautiful and also Farelhoes Islands that a bit further away!

Also a bit after, in Lourinha you can go kart racing, or just go in town and check the dinosaur museum.

Do not miss the chance to go visit the small town of Obidos at only a 20min car drive from Peniche.

Its a very special Castle with a small town inside its walls and where you have to drink a Ginginha and i would say for you to go eat at Jamon Jamon, a small Portuguese restaurant right at the entrance before you go into the castle’s wall.

In the Obidos Castle there’s lots of year activities like the Medieval party/ Mercado Medieval de Obidos every year in July. This year its from the 13th Jul – 6th Aug. Its a great experience to see several shows from the time of the kings and queens! You should go rent a suit at the entrance and like this you will not pay the entry fee that has the same price, and its alot more fun to be all dressed up for this mini carnival. Go a bit before dinner time to avoid line ups but have you meal there. Do not forget to have a pao com chourico, bread with chourico, its really good and made in front of your eyes and warm!

In Obidos there’s also a chocolate fair every year!

You should also go to Lagoa de Obidos and Foz do Arellho, its a really nice place for a walk or dinner. For surfing at Foz do Arellho its no the best most times, but maybe you will be lucky.

Nazare its a 45min drive and maybe you will see some monster waves coming in the canyon! Its a great town with lots of good food and culture. The women from there have to use 7 skirts! Its a very nice place to visit.

If you are more into going to surf in another place drive 45min and go to Ericeira, its world famous for its great right handers and its a really nice town too.

Its getting more and more beginners, and surf schools even it there’s only 2 beach breaks. Most of the beaches have a reef bottom so its a bit dangerous for you guys aren’t very experienced.

Have a great time and hopefully the tips from surfmoments house & school will be helpful!