Come and stay at our surf house
in Vila Nova de Milfontes

Get surf, paddle or pole dance lessons and enjoy the beach days!

We are in Vila Nova de Milfontes village, at a 5 min walk from the beach of Franquia at the river front and we have 2 surf spots for all levels, Furnas and Choupana a reef break in front of the light house.

You can also drive to Malhao or Aivados beach that are long beach breaks with multiple peaks. From our little terrace you you can see the ocean and watch the sunset everyday.

If you want to learn how to surf, to improve your level, or work on your skills talk to us.

Our surf coaches are Ivo Carmo that surf’s for 15y and Diogo Queimada 3x national champion of SUPWaves as a trainer and Carla Tomé a prof. surf photographer and former National surf champion; as par of our team!

If you need surf guiding we can also take you to surf the best break at the right time and always thinking about your level.

In the Surf House we don’t accept younger than 23 years old because we want to create an environment where everyone respects others space and sleep.

There aren’t many parties in the house because not everyone is up to it and we want people to have time to relax and feel like they are in their one beach house, but you can walk to all beach bars and clubs from the house.

There’s many restaurants at our door step and prepare yourself for falling in love with out cuisine. The house manager Carla lives close by and she will be around to help you out with your surf choice if needed!

Milfontes is a very small and cosy surf town that so many foreigners call home. Hope you enjoy staying with us! 

Lisbon villa is managed by my brother and at the moment and you can only rent the full house that can take up to 10 people. It’s at a 1min walk from the beach front and 3min from the village center. It’s a great modern house with ocean views from the top terrace, 4 bedrooms, one suite, 1 bathroom, 1 restroom, kitchen, living room and big patio around the house with garden. 

For more info feel free to email us.


House manager Carla Tome was born in Vancouver, Canada and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. With a degree in hotel management and after 8 years of working in the industry, Carla changed her career and became a freelance photographer in 2005 and in 2009 started her own hostel in Peniche. Due to family issues she decided to move to the South of Portugal Alentejo area and restart her business and continue to live the dream.

Carla is a surfer above all, started surfing in 1991 in Caparica and being very skilled fast became one of the best young surfers in Portugal, winning several contests and titles during her competitive career.

To talk about myself I use the kind words of journalist Mariana Santos

“I met Carla when i participated in a girls surf meeting. The smile and contagious energy made me stay alert to her movements. 

Her hysterical laughter filled the beach, her fearless attitude made me want to one day have her strength, grip and confidence!

I saw Carla leave to explore the world without fear or prejudgements. Realizing every dream always with that smile of conquest. 

She is a independent woman who knows very well what she wants and she does it! Attitude, determination, enthusiasm and courage are the basis for Carla Tomé’s smile.”