Пляж полюс

Pole & Surf - Pole Camp - Beach Pole

Surf lessons and Pole Fit in Peniche, Portugal. Come surf with us and practice your pole skills at home or at the beach. Get the best of both world's, work on your tan, your body and your surfing.

You can go for a morning surf lesson, enjoy the sun and the beach, after that you come for a pole session in the house. Its free to use the poles at home at any time. Surf lessons are to be arranged with house manager, check for prices in the Price page. If you want to take out stage pole to the beach its also possible just talk to Carla and if you are in a group we will photoshoot you girls and offer all photos at the end of your pole & surf camp.

Please arrange a group of 7 Polers and come to our surf house for your Spring/Summer and Fall vacation. Pole & Surf will run from May to November.

If you are already an intermediate to advanced Poler, you can just practice on your own time in the house.

If you are a pole teacher and would like to organize a pole camp in Peniche/Portugal please talk to us for all details. Teachers will have special conditions. It will be a dream to share the surfing experience with you all and be able to learn more pole tricks from you. Carla is a professional surf photographer and a Poler, so it will be a pleasure to make a beach photoshoot with the group and promote Beach Pole.

If you are a group of girls friends that wanna have Pole lessons and Surf Lessons, we can hire a pole teacher to give you lessons everyday of the week and surf lessons too if you wish. Talk to us for a group deal.

Beach Poling its a dream come thru, I would love to have Polers in the house all the time so I can have someone to practice and learn with. Peniche its a surf city and there aren't any Polers around and the next school is 1h away drive. The first time that I had a Russian and a Spanish Poler in the house that came for surfing lessons, we were able to get together with other surfer girls an made a jam session. It was a great feeling to see all of us having fun and at the same time working out. In that moment I decided that I wanted more and began to develop this dream.

I know we are a small group of girls and that for many its still a taboo to pole dance. Pole sport and pole fit is a different and more pleasant way of working on your body and your self-esteem. Nowadays, we Woman have a need to feel good with our bodies. I was always a boys girl, meaning that i used to dressed more like a boy because all the sports that I did where more for boys, except Ballet. Boys used to look at me as one of their own, now things have changed and I also feel different.

And the most important thing about surfing and poling is that you have to be in the moment and enjoy. Being in the water or grabbing the pole with all your strength keeps you focused and there's no time for other thoughts; for many its like a therapy and for me its my meditation time when I'm surfing alone or with my friends. Some think we are addicted and in a certain way its correct, we need that escape to clear our mind...

Poling its my new passion and surfing I've been doing it for 25y and I'll keep on it until my body allows.

Hope you come soon for this great experience that is called Pole & Surf.